6800 IP Phones Series

Exceptional quality, features, and flexibility for any business. These SIP phones are compatible with major IP platforms and have a range of accessories to fit your working needs.

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Mitel 6873 SIP Phone

Introducing the Mitel 6800 Phone Series

A powerful and versatile range of SIP phones that can suit any level of your business.

These phones are compatible with your Mitel platform and applications, giving you a seamless and intuitive calling experience. The 6800 Series offers you options for high-quality audio, color display, Bluetooth connectivity, and customizable keys. Whether you want a simple or sophisticated phone, the 6800 Series has the perfect option for you.

Mitel 6800 series

What you will benefits with 6800 IP Phones Series

  • Enterprise-grade SIP phones

    The Mitel 6800 Series offers a range of phones with colorful displays, fast GigE ports, and DHSG/EHS headset support. These phones let you communicate with ease and flexibility.
  • Modern design

    The 6800 Series IP phones combine a sleek and modern design with outstanding HD wideband audio quality, improved speakerphone, and advanced audio processing to deliver crisp and clear hands-free conversations.
  • Unmatched flexibility

    You can customize each phone to your liking, for your work preferences and needs, with a wide range of add-on IP Phone accessories that enhance your productivity and comfort.
  • Extensive SIP interoperability

    The Mitel 6800 Series delivers a range of high-performance and modern SIP phones that can seamlessly work with various IP telephony systems.
  • Excellent audio

    Mitel’s Hi-Q audio technology provides superb quality with high-definition sounds for an unparalleled communications experience.
  • Hearing aid

    The 6800 voice optimized handsets are hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) and support magnetic coupling for HAC hearing aids.

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  • Training

    Telediant offers simple and effective training for your Mitel products. You can learn how to use your Mitel products with ease and confidence from our experienced trainers. Whether you need online or onsite training, Telediant can provide you with a suitable learning option.
  • Expertise

    Telediant has a team of Mitel experts who can help you create, deploy, and manage your Mitel solutions. No matter how big or small your communication needs are, Telediant has the right solution and support for you.
  • Customer service

    Telediant delivers your Mitel products fast and hassle-free, and backs them up with warranty and technical support. You can also enjoy our value-added services, such as consulting and managed services, to get the most out of your Mitel products.
  • Satisfaction

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Discover the different models of the Mitel 6800 SIP phone series

  • Mitel 6873 SIP Phone

    The 6873 SIP Phone is a powerful, executive IP desk phone for on-prem and cloud SIP platforms. It has a 7-inch color touchscreen display, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, built-in Bluetooth, and a USB port for headsets. It provides HD wideband audio quality, improved speakerphone, and advanced audio processing for clear, hands-free conversations.

    It also has a QWERTY touchscreen keyboard, icon-based menus, and an intuitive interface with up to three expansion modules. This makes it a robust and easy-to-use desktop communications tool for executive and advanced users.

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    Mitel 6873 SIP Phone
  • Mitel 6869 IP Phone

    The 6869 Phone is a powerful SIP phone with a 4.3-inch backlit LCD color display and advanced audio processing. The phone can connect to high-speed networks with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and can be customized to your specific communications needs.

    With an optional keyboard and up to three expansion modules, the 6869 Phone becomes a robust, productivity-enhancing desktop communications tool.

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    Mitel 6869 IP Phone
  • Mitel 6867 IP Phone

    The 6867 IP Phone is designed for users who need a lot from their phones and their networks. This SIP phone provides exceptional HD wideband audio and an improved speakerphone with advanced audio processing for clear and rich hands-free conversations.

    It connects to high-speed networks with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and has a large color display, programmable soft keys, context-sensitive system keys, and DHSG/EHS headset support. With an optional keyboard and up to three expansion modules, the 6867 becomes a productivity-enhancing, 24-line desktop communications tool.

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    Mitel 6867 IP Phone
  • Mitel 6865 IP Phone

    This affordable and feature-rich business SIP phone offers great flexibility for the home or business office. It provides exceptional audio quality and a large storage capacity for personal directories, callers logs, redial lists, and programmable keys.

    These keys let you easily access frequently used call management features.

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    Mitel 6865 IP Phone
  • Mitel 6863 IP Phone

    The Mitel 6863 IP Phone brings great value to your enterprise. This two-line SIP phone has a sleek and modern design, a 2.75” (128x48 pixel) monochrome LCD display, programmable hard keys, and a small desktop footprint. It is a perfect option for professional workers who need light telephone usage in business environments.

    It has dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, PoE class 1, three programmable soft keys, and a 4-way navigation key with a Select/OK button.

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    Mitel 6863 IP Phone
  • 6800 IP Phone Accessories

    Customize your phone with a wide range of add-on accessories. The 6800 IP Phone Series uses the same accessories as the 6900 IP Phone Series, such as a Cordless Bluetooth handset, Wi-Fi adapter, M695, and Wall mount kit.

    The 6800 IP Phone Series also supports M680 and K680.

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    6867i M685i

Efficient communication. Get your Mitel 6800 IP phones series now.

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