Modern workforce management solution, uses AI forecasting and automated scheduling to connect the right agents with customers at peak demand times.
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Experience modern working with Calabrio Workforce Management

Remote and hybrid work has become a modern challenge to contact centers.

Calabrio delivers analytics and AI-powered contact center workforce management tools that help you maximize the potential of your people and rise to the challenges of this evolved world of modern work.

  • Simplify the scheduling process

    Create accurate forecasts that place skilled agents where and when they're needed. Our predictive forecasting and automated scheduling handle complex, multi-skilled optimization in minutes, not days.
  • Speeding up admin tasks

    Use smart automation to handle administrative work effortlessly. Simplify approval workflows with advanced, rule-based logic, giving managers more time for agent coaching and engagement.
  • Create efficient staffing plans

    Automatically use historical data to prepare for busy and slow periods. Respond to changes with in-day scheduling tools to keep service levels optimal and prevent overstaffing.
  • Engage and retain agents

    Empower agents to control their work-life balance with a user-friendly mobile app. They can build schedules, adjust breaks, trade shifts, and request time off conveniently.

Get the smart tools for your best work

Our advanced analytics are built right into the top WFM solution at Calabrio. It's a smart toolset that makes success easy for your managers and agents in any modern contact center.
  • Predictive forecasting

    Advanced analytics mines your historical data to accurately forecast call volume.

    Machine learning easily understands seasonality and anticipates acute spikes and lulls, giving you confidence in your scheduling.

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    automated forecasting
  • Omnichannel scheduling

    Build and manage agent schedules with integrated visibility of all channels.

    Use multiskill scheduling optimization to ensure the right agents are available when and where they’re needed to deliver consistent coverage and service quality.

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    omnichannel scheduling
  • Intraday schedule adjustments

    Intraday scheduling tools allow you to intuitively and instantly react to volume surges or ebbs.

    Use Grant, the AI-powered virtual assistant, to notify agents of time-off or overtime opportunities to quickly adjust staffing levels and avoid overtime.

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    intraday adjustments
  • Agent self-scheduling

    The Calabrio My Time app gives agents the freedom and control to manage their schedules—anytime, anywhere. Agents can build their own schedules, set their own lunches and breaks, and even trade shifts.

    Simple parameters ensure you always maintain staffing-level requirements.

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    Agent self-scheduling
  • Robust reporting

    Calabrio WFM includes the built-in Data Explorer tool that makes it easy to build and automate custom reports that pull together WFM data with voice-of-customer, voice-of-employee, and other data from across the enterprise.

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    Data explorer in WFM reporting

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