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Maximize your customer satisfaction with Telediant's custom CRM Software

Telediant CRM is a state-of-the-art solution that helps organizations manage their account, sales, marketing, and service operations in a unified and affordable way. It unites multiple key disciplines into a single coherent platform, streamlining business processes and enhancing overall operations.
  • Social CRM

    Focus more on customer engagement, customer service, and marketing strategy.
  • Social with less effort

    With omnichannel CRM and social media management software, you can connect email, telephony, social networks, and instant messengers to streamline ticketing and desk support.
  • Fast live chat

    Robust and integrated live chat support that works with other systems and environments, plus all-in-one social media management software for your helpdesk.
  • Collaborate as a team

    Collaborate as a team to respond to customers quickly and boost your customer support and services sentiment on social channels.
  • Dashboard management

    The Telediant CRM dashboard is a comprehensive graphical representation tool that displays all relevant call center information on a media display (e.g., projector, plasma display, LCD monitor) or individual monitor.

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  • Helpdesk management

    Telediant CRM Helpdesk Management is a state-of-the-art solution that helps organizations provide customer-centric service.

    It combines out-of-the-box best practices with easy configuration and customization options to meet the needs of evolving businesses.

    • Automate and optimize your customer support
    • Incident Tracking
    • Alert / Announcement
    • Action Management
    • Concurrent Consignment Management
    • Incoming Message
    • Email Management
    • Web Self Care
    • Follow up
    • Mass Closure Option
    • Assignment Management
    • Quick Menus
    • SLA Agreement
    • Account and Contact Management
    • Process Management
    • Reporting Management
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  • Livechat & chatbot

    Assist the chat environment easily within your organization with Telediant CRM Livechat which is equipped with the power of automated response and make sure your customer always receives a fast response by utilizing the efficiency of Teledient Chatbot that is always there even when your agent is idle.

    • Automated Response
    • Chat Interactions
    • Co Browser
    • Knowledgebase
    • Live Chat Platform
    • File Sharing
    • CSAT
    • Reporting Management
    • Intent Management
    • Entity Management
    • Data Dictionary
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  • Social media management

    Telediant CRM Social Media uses social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to help businesses engage with customers, gather marketing insights, improve service, and build stronger relationships.

    • Social Media Management
    • Analyze Your Target Audience
    • Collaboration - Social Media Listener
    • Social Media Monitoring And Reporting
    • Social marketing Calendar
    • Social Media Approval
    • Message Management
    • Reporting Management
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  • Survey management

    Telediant Survey Management System is a web-based application that helps businesses create, manage, and publish professional surveys to collect feedback and make better decisions.

    • Builder
    • Questions Conditions
    • Answer Conditions
    • Scoring
    • Survey Templates
    • Email Invitation
    • Response Management
    • Data Analysis
    • Multilingual Support
    • Branding
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