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Enhance your customer journeys and keep employees productive and engaged with Mitel’s enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform.

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AI-powered virtual agent and agent assist

With Mitel's AI-powered virtual agent, customer can communicate and obtain information effortlessly.

MiContact Center Business is equipped with a virtual agent chatbot that is always there 24/7 with your customer when they need assistance and seamlessly interact with your contact center agent to make the support flow goes smoothly.

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What you will benefits with MiContact Center Business

  • Streamlined excellence

    A comprehensive solution encompassing all the essential tools for managing a top-tier customer experience center, featuring an integrated Workflow Designer, Speech IVR, AI-driven Chatbots with Agent Assistance, Interaction Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Historical Reporting, and Real-Time Dashboards.
  • Effortless design

    Utilize an user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to effortlessly craft intricate interaction pathways for various media formats, all without the need for intricate programming.
  • Effortless administration

    Enable quick deployment within minutes, streamline user provisioning and management across all business units through a unified administrative interface, all without requiring IT resources.
  • Increase productivity

    Agents can handle multiple interactions across different channels using a single web-based desktop or work directly within the CRM system. With fewer applications to switch between, agents can be more productive.
  • Infinite Extensibility

    You can smoothly connect with your current systems by making use of our REST APIs. Plus, you can effortlessly incorporate unconventional channels such as WhatsApp, WebRTC video, and IoT events into your processes.

Mitel gives you everything you need for amazing customer care

  • Provide omnichannel customer experiences

    Allow customers to interact with you using their chosen device and ensure a uniform experience across all communication methods, from start to finish.

    This will result in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings, better rates of resolving issues on the first contact, and increased net promoter scores (NPS).

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  • Resource efficiency

    Equip agents and supervisors with the means to make well-informed choices and deliver swift assistance. Agents can effectively manage both voice and digital interactions all in one place, handling phone calls, emails, web chats, SMS, and social media.

    Supervisors can oversee and direct agent and queue performance, receiving notifications when service levels fall below the desired standards.

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  • Enhance your customer experience using AI

    Elevate your customer experience to new heights and improve operational efficiency by utilizing Google Cloud Contact Center AI-driven Chat and Voice bots.

    These bots engage in natural conversations with customers, and our agent-assist technology actively listens to conversations, offering real-time article suggestions to human agents.

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  • Data-Driven Skills-Based Routing
  • Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, FAX, IVR, Chat/Voice Bots, and 3rd party media
  • Self-Service IVR with Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Expected wait time and position in queue announcements
  • Workflow Designer
  • Standard and customizable real-time dashboards and historical reports
  • Omnichannel case management
  • Outbound dialing and messaging
  • AI-powered Virtual Agent Chat/Voice Bots and Agent Assist
  • Scheduled and real-time callbacks
  • Mobile Agent (smartphone) and Supervisor (tablet)
  • Interaction Recording, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics Add-ons
  • Built-in Workforce Scheduling with optional Workforce Management
  • Standard & customized CRM integrations via REST APIs and toolkit

Your one and only Mitel Gold Partner in Malaysia

We strive to modernize your business communications with Mitel solutions
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  • IT solutions provider you can trust

    As a Mitel Gold Partner with over 30 years of experience, we've elevated communication systems across various industries in Malaysia
  • Integrated collaboration tools

    We integrate Mitel communication systems seamlessly with your preferred collaboration tools, making communication easy and efficient regardless of the platform you use.
  • Customer and workforce solutions

    We align customer experiences with your goals by implementing Mitel solutions for contact centers and workforce management. Additionally, we integrate Mitel solutions with your CRM tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions

    We understand your communication challenges and requirements. We integrate Mitel communications with your industry-specific applications, such as healthcare, finance, government and more.

Why Telediant is the best choice for your Mitel products

Telediant is more than just a Mitel distributor. We are your communication partner.

  • Training

    Telediant provides straightforward Mitel product training led by experienced trainers, offering both online and onsite options for your convenience.
  • Expertise

    Telediant's Mitel experts assist in creating, deploying, and managing solutions tailored to your communication needs, regardless of size.
  • Customer service

    Telediant swiftly delivers Mitel products with warranty and technical support, offering value-added services like consulting and managed services for optimal performance.
  • Satisfaction

    Telediant prioritizes your satisfaction and success, boasting a loyal customer base due to our excellent products, services, and friendly customer support team always ready to assist.

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