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Recording, Analytics and Quality Management of Communications

Unleash the power of your conversations with ASC's innovative recording and analytics solutions

ASC is a leading provider of voice and screen recording, interaction monitoring, compliance recording, fraud detection, analytics, and quality management solutions for contact centers. ASC products can help you capture, analyze, and improve your conversations with your customers, ensuring the quality and compliance of your interactions.

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    ASC & Mitel trusted partnership

    ASC and Mitel have partnered to provide a comprehensive Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution for Mitel's MiCloud Flex cloud communications platform.

    This collaboration enables contact center managers to improve their customer service, compliance, and overall operational efficiency.

  • Mitel Workforce Optimization Suite applications powered by ASC includes

    Mitel Interaction Recording

    Seamlessly captures, organizes, plays, shares and archives voice and screen recordings via multiple communication channels fulfilling compliance requirements.
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    Mitel Quality Management

    Provide intelligent monitoring and reporting features for a complete view of customer happiness and agent effectiveness.
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    Mitel Coaching and Learning

    Provide targeted training to agents by suggesting courses that would fill gaps in customer service skills identified by Quality Management.
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    Mitel Speech Analytics

    Help identifying keywords, spot trends and critical issues within the contact center at an early stage. Using keyword spotting, speech transcription and emotion detection, Mitel Speech Analytics captures the “voice-of-the-customer” to reveal trends and expose areas for improvement.
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    Benefits of using Mitel Workforce Optimization Suite applications powered by ASC

    • Improved performance

      The Mitel Workforce Optimization Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your workforce more effectively. This includes forecasting, scheduling, time tracking, and performance management tools.

      By using these tools, you can improve the performance of your workforce by optimizing their schedules, ensuring they are working on the right tasks, and providing them with the training and support they need to be successful.

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    • Reduced costs

      The Mitel Workforce Optimization Suite can help you reduce costs by optimizing your workforce and reducing waste. For example, the forecasting and scheduling tools can help you ensure that you have the right number of staff working at the right time, which can help you reduce overtime costs.

      The time tracking tools can help you identify areas where time is being wasted, so you can take steps to improve efficiency. And performance management tools can help you identify and address underperforming employees, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs.

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    • Increased customer satisfaction

      By improving the performance and efficiency of your workforce, the Mitel Workforce Optimization Suite can help you increase customer satisfaction. For example, if you have the right number of staff working at the right time, you will be able to reduce wait times and provide better customer service.

      By identifying and addressing underperforming employees, you can ensure that your customers are always interacting with qualified and knowledgeable staff.

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    Why Telediant is the best choice for your ASC products

    • Training

      Telediant offers simple and effective training for your ASC products. You can learn how to use your ASC products with ease and confidence from our experienced trainers. Whether you need online or onsite training, Telediant can provide you with a suitable learning option.
    • Expertise

      Telediant has a team of ASC experts who can help you create, deploy, and manage your ASC solutions. No matter how big or small your communication needs are, Telediant has the right solution and support for you.
    • Customer service

      Telediant delivers your ASC products fast and hassle-free, and backs them up with warranty and technical support. You can also enjoy our value-added services, such as consulting and managed services, to get the most out of your ASC products.
    • Satisfaction

      Telediant cares about your satisfaction and success. We have a loyal customer base that loves us for our excellent products and services. We also have a friendly and helpful customer service team that is always ready to help you with any questions or issues.

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