Mitel SIP & IP Phones

Boost your business with Mitel’s flexible and high-performance SIP & IP phones

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Mitel 6900 IP Phone Series

The smart choice for your business communication

Enhance your communication quality and productivity with Mitel’s phone system

Mitel SIP & IP phones are a family of modern and powerful phones that use the Internet to deliver voice and video calls. They work with any network or platform and offer various apps and functions to enhance your workflows. They are also flexible, reliable, and affordable devices that can support your business goals and challenges.

Variety of desk phone options

Mitel’s IP Phone Series offers you a variety of desk phone options with customizable accessories, advanced features, and crystal-clear sound to boost your mobility and productivity.
Mitel 6900 IP Phone Series

6900 IP Phones Series

The 6900 IP Series of business phones are professional and versatile devices that suit the needs of office and remote workers in the modern workforce.
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6800 IP Phones Series

Mitel’s 6800 IP Series phones are the ideal choice for an open-standard SIP phone, offering flexibility and best-in-class business features.
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IP400 IP Phones Series

The IP400 Phone Series provides exceptionally clear audio with a high-fidelity, full-duplex speakerphone for Mitel Connect customers.
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Mitel 6970 IP Phone

6970 Conference Phones

Makes meetings easier and more productive with a large seven-inch color touch screen that offers exceptional visibility and easy access to essential meeting information.
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Working in the office or remotely, Mitel is there for you.

  • Simplify your collaboration

    PCLink Bluetooth lets you link your phone to your PC and use it as the audio source for all your videoconferencing apps.

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  • Best-in-class IP phones for business

    Whether you work from home or in the office, you can connect the 6900 IP Phone Series to wired Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi networks.

    These IP phones deliver the best-in-class features and performance you need.

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    6900 IP Phones Series
  • Customize your phone to your needs

    Mitel’s 6800/6900 IP Phone Series gives you the unmatched versatility to personalize your phone with open SIP standards and a wide range of add-on accessories.

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Your one and only Mitel Gold Partner in Malaysia

We strive to modernize your business communications with Mitel solutions
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  • IT solutions provider you can trust

    As a Mitel Gold Partner with over 30 years of experience, we've elevated communication systems across various industries in Malaysia
  • Integrated collaboration tools

    We integrate Mitel communication systems seamlessly with your preferred collaboration tools, making communication easy and efficient regardless of the platform you use.
  • Customer and workforce solutions

    We align customer experiences with your goals by implementing Mitel solutions for contact centers and workforce management. Additionally, we integrate Mitel solutions with your CRM tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions

    We understand your communication challenges and requirements. We integrate Mitel communications with your industry-specific applications, such as healthcare, finance, government and more.

Why Telediant is the best choice for your Mitel products

Telediant is more than just a Mitel distributor. We are your communication partner.

  • Training

    Telediant provides straightforward Mitel product training led by experienced trainers, offering both online and onsite options for your convenience.
  • Expertise

    Telediant's Mitel experts assist in creating, deploying, and managing solutions tailored to your communication needs, regardless of size.
  • Customer service

    Telediant swiftly delivers Mitel products with warranty and technical support, offering value-added services like consulting and managed services for optimal performance.
  • Satisfaction

    Telediant prioritizes your satisfaction and success, boasting a loyal customer base due to our excellent products, services, and friendly customer support team always ready to assist.

Enhance your communication with Mitel’s SIP & IP Phones.

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