Mitel Workforce Optimization

Empower your employees to improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience by providing them with the tools and insights they need to be more productive, engaged, and effective.

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The secret to improving customer experience and efficiency

A suite of applications that helps you improve your customer experience and efficiency, all in one place.

Mitel Workforce Optimization provides everything you need to record, evaluate, and improve customer interactions, coach and train employees, manage your workforce, and analyze key metrics. With Mitel Workforce Optimization, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase service levels, reduce operational costs, and improve employee engagement.

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What you will benefits with MiContact Center Business

  • Optimize resources

    Reduce waste and improve efficiency by ensuring the right agents with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.
  • Elevate the employee experience

    Give employees the power to measure and manage their performance, and access their work schedules, messages, shift trades, vacation requests, preferences, and overtime availability on the go with our mobile app.
  • Improve performance

    Smartly distribute interactions and work across channels by combining skills and schedules. Improve efficiency, service levels, and reduce costs associated with undesired overtime and employee turnover.
  • Enhance the customer experience

    By listening to your customers and analyzing interactions, you can nurture happy, skilled employees who are motivated to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Mitigate risks

    Automatically detect fraud, minimize liability risk, and ensure regulatory compliance by recording and documenting client transactions. Empower agents to record calls at any time to protect themselves, and verify compliance with regulations like MiFID II, Dodd-Frank Act, and PCI DSS.
  • Interaction recording

    By gaining insights into customer interactions, organizations can improve their everyday operations. Mitel Interaction Recording seamlessly captures, organizes, plays, and shares voice and screen recordings, empowering managers to:

    • Find ways to improve customer experiences
    • Optimize internal operations
    • Identify and share proven sales techniques
    • Ensure regulatory compliance
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    Interaction Recording
  • Workforce management

    Mitel Workforce Management (WFM) software helps organizations of all sizes overcome challenges like fluctuating call volumes, expanded media types, high turnover, performance gaps, and employee proficiencies. It optimizes your workforce to lower costs, gain customer insights, and improve day-to-day efficiency.

    WFM puts your employees in the right place at the right time to promote business growth, provide a more balanced workload, and lower attrition rates. It also increases schedule adherence.

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    Workforce Management
  • Quality management

    Use intelligent monitoring and reporting features to get a complete view of customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness, supporting quality management.

    • Create unique interaction evaluation templates according to different team focuses and topics
    • Filter and evaluate customer interactions
    • Analyze evaluations
    • Visualize results
    • Identify coaching opportunities
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    Quality Management


  • Full-time or on-demand voice and screen recording
  • Real-time interaction monitoring
  • Compliance recording for MiFID II, Dodd-Frank Act, GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.
  • Automatic recording categorization
  • Advanced search and replay of recordings with tagging
  • Custom employee evaluations/scorecard template generator
  • Agent self-evaluation
  • Targeted training, coaching, and employee assessments
  • Keyword spotting and transcription
  • Automated fraud detection
  • Forecast across channels including phone, chat, e-mail, SMS, and social media
  • Scheduling down to one-minute intervals
  • Intraday and real-time schedule adherence
  • Performance management dashboards and scorecards
  • Check work schedules, view messages, trade shifts, request vacations, state preferences, and add overtime availability
  • Integrations with CRM, ERP, data warehouse, etc.

Your one and only Mitel Gold Partner in Malaysia

We strive to modernize your business communications with Mitel solutions
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  • IT solutions provider you can trust

    As Mitel Gold Partner and our more than 30 years of experience on providing IT solutions, we’ve helped various industries in Malaysia to level up their communication systems.
  • Integrated collaboration tools

    We helps you integrate Mitel communications system with your collaboration tools. Whether you use Teams, Zoom, Slack or any other tool, we can make communication easy and efficient for you.
  • Customer and workforce solutions

    Helping you create customer experiences that align with your goals and values. We implement Mitel solutions for contact centers and workforce management. We also can integrate Mitel solutions with your CRM tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions

    We understand your communication challenges and requirements. We integrate Mitel communications with your industry-specific applications, such as healthcare, finance, government and more.

Why Telediant is the best choice for your Mitel products

Telediant is more than just a Mitel distributor. We are your communication partner.

  • Training

    Telediant provides straightforward Mitel product training led by experienced trainers, offering both online and onsite options for your convenience.
  • Expertise

    Telediant's Mitel experts assist in creating, deploying, and managing solutions tailored to your communication needs, regardless of size.
  • Customer service

    Telediant swiftly delivers Mitel products with warranty and technical support, offering value-added services like consulting and managed services for optimal performance.
  • Satisfaction

    Telediant prioritizes your satisfaction and success, boasting a loyal customer base due to our excellent products, services, and friendly customer support team always ready to assist.

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