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Provides a total customized solution and deliver technology that works today and is ready for tomorrow.

Capture your Audience, Communicate your Message & Reinforce your Brand

Implementing just the right audio, video, or lighting solution almost always requires more than an off-the-shelf solution from a box-store around the corner. While off-the-shelf can usually get you in the ballpark of where you were hoping to go, having the right AVL or media partner can get you there faster with a better return on investment.

Audio Visual Solution

Telediant specializes brings a company’s vision to the stage. Whatever the size of your business, we can assist you in planning, producing, and delivering a stress-free, high-quality annual meeting, product launch, or tradeshow in which your company’s communication goals are achieved. 

Smart Intelligent Panel

The Smart Intelligent Panel or SIP is the only tool which allows you to have the functions of seven devices into a single platform such as computer, projector, whiteboard, screen, TV, stereo and wifi.

Video Conference Solution

We can help address critical gaps you may have in related experience and expertise, resulting in enhanced end user and customer satisfaction, higher productivity and increased user adoption rates.

Public Announcement Solution

A natural disaster warning system needs to function in conditions that may compromise local grid power. Therefore an independent power system is essential to ensure that warning sirens, wireless notifications, and other emergency notification measures can function in any situation.

This power system must operate through any weather, so determining how public announcement systems will be powered should be taken into consideration when making emergency response plans.

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