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Improve communication and coordination, increase situational awareness and enhanced safety with SmartPTT
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Easy-to-use voice and data dispatch software for you business

SmartPTT helps your organization streamline its financial, human, and time resources.

It provides dispatchers, managers, and employees with convenient and flexible services, like voice dispatch, data exchange, work task management, personnel tracking, and event logging.

Motorola sold & supported voice dispatch solution

  • Customizable UI

    To fit your needs
  • Communicate efficiently

    with all radios, groups of radios, or individual radios
  • Faster response times

    By knowing the location of a radio user
  • Monitor progress

    You can assign and monitor the progress tasks through to completion
  • Voice dispatch

    Enhance teamwork within your organization by facilitating efficient communication between subscribers and dispatchers, while also leveraging advanced coordination tools.

    SmartPTT ensures reliable and instant communication among employees, even when using both analog and digital systems simultaneously.

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    SmartPTT Voice Dispatch
  • Emergency management

    In situations where a radio user faces an emergency, a swift and effective response is absolutely crucial.

    SmartPTT aids dispatchers in minimizing response times and ensuring the appropriate response to emergencies.

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    Two firefighters on emergency
  • Voice & event log

    Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of incidents is vital for enabling management to enhance worker safety, streamline production processes, and maximize company profits.

    Thanks to the SmartPTT Voice and Event log feature, you have access to all the necessary information anytime and anywhere.

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    SmartPTT event logging
  • GPS Location

    Enhance both personnel safety and efficiency through GPS Tracking.

    Real-time knowledge of employees' whereabouts provides situational awareness and supports informed decision-making.

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    Ambulance GPS tracking
  • Indoor Location

    Boost employee safety by tracking their positions within indoor environments and other areas where GPS tracking isn't feasible, such as high-risk production facilities, laboratories, correctional facilities, and more.

    During emergencies, you'll have precise employee location information, significantly reducing response times and potentially saving lives.

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    Engineer in a building

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