SmartPTT's stores data and easily reconstruct your incident’s details

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Ditch the paperwork, embrace insights with Voice & Event Log

Automate tasks, analyze trends and discover the hidden potential within your team with SmartPTT.

SmartPTT's Voice & Event Log is a powerful tool that acts as your team's digital command center, supercharging communication, streamlining operations, and providing vital insights.

  • Speak clearly, work clearly

    No more dropped calls or fuzzy voices. SmartPTT connects your team across any distance, loud and clear. Keep track of everyone with GPS-powered maps and instant updates, so nobody gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Do more, do faster

    Forget mountain of paperworks. SmartPTT automates alerts and reports, leaving you free to handle what matters. See exactly where your team is and what they're doing, making response to any situation quicker and smoother.
  • Stay Safe, Stay Accountable

    Every call, every message, it's all logged securely for later. Know who said what, when, and where. Control access to channels and features by role, keeping data safe and everyone responsible.
  • Learn, Grow, Win

    SmartPTT shows you how your team works, not just what they do. See where things can be improved, who needs a little extra support, and celebrate those winning moments. Data becomes your ally, helping you reach new heights.

Explore the SmartPTT's Voice & Event Log functionalities

  • Recording activities

    SmartPTT isn't just a communication platform; it's a digital archive of your team's entire story.

    Every click, every call, every movement gets meticulously recorded and stored in a robust MS SQL Server, keeping your operational history safe and readily accessible.

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  • Saving voice record

    Forget grainy walkie-talkie whispers!

    SmartPTT preserves the nuance and clarity of every conversation, saving voice records in various formats like OGG, WAV, and MP3.

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  • Event viewer

    The Event Viewer transforms the information deluge into a navigable ocean. Filter, group, and sort records based on specific criteria zeroing in on relevant details instantly.

    No more sifting through endless logs; find the needle in the haystack with pinpoint accuracy.

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  • Different types of reports

    Reports aren't just boring stats anymore. SmartPTT offers a diverse portfolio of report types, each tailored to reveal hidden gems within your data.

    Analyze communication patterns, track team activity, spot inefficiencies, and celebrate successes – all through the power of compelling visualizations and actionable insights.

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  • Customize rules

    Fine-tune how your system reacts to events with customizable rules. Trigger automated alerts for critical situations, prioritize calls based on pre-defined criteria, and personalize the user experience for each team member.

    SmartPTT adapts to your specific needs, not the other way around.

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Embrace the insights with SmartPTT

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