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Capture every aspect of customer and agent interactions.
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Are you facing challenges in providing advanced AI for voice and media communications?

Unlocking data-driven excellence in customer interactions.

U-Capture provides the ability to actively listen, the flexibility to share, and the intelligence to make informed decisions based on your organization's voice data. It offers unrestricted access and immediate streaming of high-quality conversational data in real-time.

This comprehensive data control guarantees that no conversation is ever overlooked, enabling you to capture every interaction throughout the customer and employee journey. Additionally, it grants you entry to a vast network of leading AI and analytics partners, supporting a wide range of practical applications.


  • Enterprise architecture

    A cutting-edge architecture built on microservices, offering unparalleled robustness.
  • Open APIs

    Complete data access and management through APIs.
  • Flexible deployment

    Effortless delivery in the cloud, on-site, or as a hybrid solution, all within a single application.
  • Connectivity

    Capture voice recordings and gather extensive metadata from both modern and traditional telephony systems.
  • Cost efficiency

    Achieve up to a 90% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership through a containerized computing approach.
  • Resilience

    Designed to achieve unparalleled 3N resilience through a variety of capture strategies, ensuring 100% audio capture.

Capture every interactions

U-Capture enables you to analyze and make informed decisions based on this invaluable resource – the voice of both your customers and employees. This is made possible by offering the means to capture both voice and metadata from various origins, including screen interactions.
  • Screen recording

    Connect agent PCs to agent devices, such as handsets, enabling concurrent screen and audio recording. Subsequently, recorded calls that include screen data can be managed, searched, played back, exported, and transcribed as needed.

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    Screen recording
  • Agent controls

    Our dynamic call recording management system aids call center agents in various customer service roles by allowing them to add notes to calls, initiate recordings as needed, and ensure PCI compliance through audio suppression.

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  • PCI suppression

    Implement automated and manual methods to redact sensitive payment information, emphasizing PCI DSS compliance and reinforcing payment card security.

    This approach enhances customer data security and ensures alignment with progressively stringent regulatory requirements.

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  • Screen tagging

    Gather information about an agent's on-screen actions to identify obstacles related to processes, tools, or knowledge.

    Additionally, annotate calls with predefined categories or custom notes to facilitate enhancements throughout the agent and customer experience journey.

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  • Regulatory compliance

    Safely record, archive, access, and reconstruct all communications across prominent platforms, including UCaaS, to achieve comprehensive compliance. These efforts support productivity in the era of hybrid work environments.

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  • Quality of recording

    Utilize algorithms to analyze recordings processed through U-Capture, identifying and notifying about potential audio quality concerns, such as the presence of background noise. This proactive approach enables early detection and timely resolution of such issues.

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  • Voice analytics & AI

    Uniphore provides you with the means to tap into the extensive potential of conversational data through a real-time, top-tier voice and metadata capture solution. This guarantees that you maximize the benefits of AI and analytics applications to their fullest extent.

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  • Metadata capture

    Enhance your understanding of the customer journey by collecting essential metadata, including phone numbers, account identifiers, and agent IDs. These fields translate into valuable conversational data, brimming with valuable insights.

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