Poly Conference Room Solutions

Professional speakerphones that engineered for outstanding audio quality, flexibility and meeting equity.
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RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex
Introducing Poly conference room solutions

Prepared to be amazed

Poly delivers the best quality for your conference room, no matter the size.

Poly gives you video and audio that are so clear and crisp that you feel like you’re in the same room with your team. Poly enables you to share content easily and seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

Poly impresses you with technology that is reliable and stunning every time—and never lets you down.

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  • Seamless performance

    Enjoy clear visuals and sounds, every time. Intelligent cameras that adjust and follow the speakers make sure everyone is visible, even from the sides of the room.

    And those who sit far away can be heard loud and clear, with amazing audio quality and noise cancellation features that eliminate unwanted sounds from your calls.

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    meeting in conference room
  • Adaptable to any room

    Every conference room has its own requirements. Whether you need smart cameras that follow the speakers and multiple microphones for a large room, or wireless sharing and whiteboarding for a smaller room, Poly solutions can handle any scenario with ease.

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  • Versatile with any platform

    No matter what service or app you use, you should enjoy a flawless and consistent performance in every room.

    Poly solutions are engineered to integrate smoothly with almost any cloud environment, providing simple dialing and superb voice and video clarity.

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    Poly G7500 Collaboration System
Trio c60

Trio C60

Smart conference phone for any meeting space

Enjoy crystal-clear audio in any meeting space.

You can launch huge ideas and bring people together in any meeting space.

No matter how far or near you are, you will be heard clearly and without interruptions.

And the Trio C60 works seamlessly with your preferred collaboration platforms.

Trio 8800

Trio 8800

Room-filling audio with unmatched quality

The smart conference phone delivers stunning audio quality for large meeting rooms.

With its specially tuned microphones, it captures every word within a 20-foot range.

Trio 8800 is the ultimate solution for transforming your large spaces into collaboration hubs.

poly sync 20

Poly Sync 20

Personal, USB/bluetooth smart speakerphone

Sound like a professional with Poly Sync 20. A portable speakerphone that lets you enjoy high-quality audio and voice calls anywhere.

It connects easily to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or USB and helps keep echo and noise out of the meeting with the smart multi-microphone array.

The perfect companion for work or play.

poly sync 20

Poly Sync 40

Smart speakerphone for flexible workspaces

Join meetings with ease and enjoy the amazing sound with Poly Sync 40 USB/ Bluetooth® smart speakerphone.

It's perfect for flexible and huddle workspaces. No hassle, no echo, no noise—just clear and professional conferencing.

The Poly Sync 40 is Zoom-certified for a seamless Zoom communication experience.

Soundstation 2


Analog conference phone for up to 10 people

The SoundStation2 is a fantastic analog conference phone for small and medium rooms seating up to 10 people.

It delivers crystal-clear voice quality and amazing performance. You can easily connect it to any analog phone line or PBX.

It also has a backlit LCD display, a phone book, and caller ID features.

Soundstructure c12


Installed audio solutions

SoundStructure is a powerful audio processing system that delivers clear, immersive sound for any conference room.

Whether you need to connect multiple microphones, speakers, or video sources, SoundStructure can easily handle it.

It is easy to install, configure, and manage and integrates seamlessly with Poly video conferencing solutions.

Studio X70

Poly Studio X70

All-in-one video bar for large rooms

The Poly Studio X70 is an amazing device that lets you enjoy high-quality video conferencing with ease.

It has a 4K camera, a powerful speakerphone, and a sleek design that fits any room.

Whether you want to collaborate with your team, present your ideas, or connect with your customers, it will transform your meetings into engaging and productive experiences.

Studio X50

Poly Studio X50

All-in-one video bar for medium rooms

The Poly Studio X50 video bar delivers radical simplicity in a single sleek device.

It has a powerful camera and a smart sound system that adapts to your environment.

You can huddle happily in smaller rooms and connect easily in conference rooms whatever video collaboration software you use.

Poly G7500

Poly G7500

Modular video conferencing system

Poly G7500 is a modular video conferencing system that lets you customize your conference rooms with confidence.

It helps teams share ideas and express themselves clearly—in rich Ultra HD 4K.

It also connects to cameras, microphones, and other components seamlessly and supports leading cloud video services like Zoom.



Complete video conferencing system

Poly Medialign is a complete meeting room solution that brings your remote teams together with stunning video and audio quality.

It has everything you need – from microphones and screens to smart-tracking EagleEye Director II cameras to a powerful codec – to enable high-end conferencing for medium and large-sized rooms.

You can also share your ideas, plans, and demos with digital annotation and whiteboarding features.


Realpresence Immersive Studio Flex

Immersive telepresence

RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex is more than just a video conferencing solution.

It’s a lifelike and immersive way to connect with anyone, anywhere. It delivers unparalleled audio and video quality, flexible deployment options, and seamless interoperability with other platforms.

You can share and interact with content easily and naturally, and feel like you’re in the same room with your colleagues, partners, or customers.

eagleeye producer

EagleEye Producer

Smart camera tracking module

A video camera tracking module that automatically frames everyone in the room with the EagleEye Camera (sold separately).

No more awkward angles or missing faces. Just clear and natural views of your meeting participants.
Plus, EagleEye Producer gives you analytics software that tracks the ROI of your video sessions and helps you improve your collaboration.

EagleEye Producer works with Poly RealPresence Group Series endpoints and any cloud video service.

visual plus


The accessory for adding video to your Trio Conference Phones

Poly Visual+ is an accessory that connects your Poly Trio conference phones and EagleEye cameras (sold separately) to show video and content on any display.

It works with cloud video services and Poly RealPresence Group Series endpoints for flexible solutions.

Poly Visual+ lets you enhance your audio conferencing with video and content.



The accessory for adding video to your Trio Conference Phones

Poly VisualPro is an accessory that works with Poly Trio conference phones and a variety of cameras (sold separately) to deliver video and content on one or two displays.

It supports cloud video services and Poly RealPresence Group Series endpoints for interoperable solutions.

Poly VisualPro lets you choose the best camera option for your space and needs.

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